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Frequently Asked Questions:

You got some questions.

We got some answers

  • 1. Your mission
    First, we work with you to figure out your goals and needs. This can be anything from improving your risk processes to getting better data.
  • 2. Getting you onboarded
    Then we help you customise the platform so it meets your specific needs. To do this, we analyse your risk assessment process and collect key data for analysis.
  • 3. Customising risks and controls
    Now you have a collection of risk and control factors to use – or you can make your own. It will save you time and makes it easier to build your risk assessments.
  • 4. Doing your risk assessments
    You and your colleagues are now building your risk assessments together in Speculo. The status can be seen by everyone, and the design and interface are easy to use.
  • 5. Your insights
    Lastly, the data reports and dashboards will help you figure out what your next steps should be, whether they’re tactical or strategic.
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