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Get better analytics and a solid process for risk management

Make it easy to collect, validate and analyse your data. You’ll improve both your cyber risk management and your resilience.

Take back the time you spend on risk assessments

Speculo has a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly make inputs and collect evidence. This way, your teams can focus on improving your cyber security rather than be stuck in the cycle of risk assessment processes and remediations.



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A complete workflow

A smooth process that makes it easy to quickly deliver a thorough risk assessment.

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Collect and verify evidence

Visual cues make it easier to keep track of when evidence needs to be collected and verified.



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Deep analytics and insights

Analytics that help you prioritise important projects, which saves you both time and money.

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Your next risk assessment

Simple, intuitive, useful

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A workflow that makes sense

Speculo has an intuitive layout and workflow, which makes it simpler for you and your team to work together. Different people can work on their own pieces at the same time, so you’ll get a more comprehensive risk assessment with less effort. You can easily follow the progress of one another.

Speculo’s easy-to-use platform helps you make informed decisions and improve your overall risk management, making sure your resources are allocated in a way that matches your goals most effectively.


More good things

  • Enterprise risk appetite and boards

  • Automatic notifications for remediations

  • Multiple catalogue types for improved coverage

  • Normal controls vs. enterprise controls

  • Q&A section about analytics

  • Default and customised user types

  • Comments section for evidence and remediations

  • Ability to archive information

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