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Cut costs for silent C&As by up to 76%

They’re also known as “enterprise costs” and they include things like planning C&A activity, figuring out the strategy outcomes, keeping C&As up to date, and following up on remediation actions.

If you only run a single C&A it will still be better to use Speculo over MS Office. You can quickly manage and work on risk assessments, including tasks like risk inputs, evidence collection, and remediation.

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Cut C&A costs at the project level by up to 48%

Modern Design Office

Make smarter decisions about risk

Speculo gives you complete and detailed information about risk, which helps you and other government agencies decide how to best lower that risk.

Improving how Government handles risk

  • Analytics that help you prioritise strategic projects based on how much work needs to be done to lower risk. This will save you both time and budget.

  • Keep track of the state of the C&A in real time. Now you promote openness and accountability, making it easier for everyone in the process to talk to each other.

  • Keep an eye on your funds and the state of your C&A. This means your resources are better allocated and your budgets are used clearly, which makes it easy to plan ahead.

  • Speculo's prioritisation feature helps you organise and sequence assessments and remediation actions. This way, the most critical risks are always dealt with first.

  • Holistic oversight of risk management efforts through the application improves efficiency and effectiveness, eliminating redundancies and identifying gaps. 

  • Streamline your whole C&A process with real-time updates, analytics and prioritisation. Pair that with clear communication and decision making, and you’ll have better risk assessments and cut down on the time and money needed for them.

What the team behind Speculo is all about

An innovator and collaborator for modernising Certification & Accrediation methodologies and outcomes

Modernising certification methods

Committed to providing accurate and relevant information based on risk data to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Risk-driven efficiency enhancement

A strategic partner for delivering effective risk assessment processes and outcomes

Strategic risk assessments

We want to help you serve people better by using automation and process improvement

Making public services better

Dedicated to optimizing security teams' productivity

Making the most of your resources

We built Speculo with Goverment in mind

We want you to start using Speculo with everything you need and be ready for success. We work with you to ensure that the results you get meet your needs and that the workflow, analytics, and assessments meet your organisational and government mandates.

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